Saturday, December 20, 2008

Intermittent service warning

Dear Reader,

Blogging may be thin on the ground until after the holiday season. My Broadband connection has been "fixed"... but I do fear it may be more of an Elastoplast job than a Triple Bypass Operation.

My mother arrives on Monday, so the weekend will be spent on the second level of domestic deep-cleansing (the kind that involves scrubbing brushes and buckets of Flash).

I WILL be finishing the second sock for FL within the next two days!

I am going to see Twilight with my daughter - yay!

And I have an urgent need to start wrapping presents.

And buy food.

But I am going to cast on for Mulled Wine socks asap.

And on Tuesday 23rd, FL has a Haematology Review appointment.

So there will be things to show and tell when technology permits!

Have a great holiday season wherever you may be!




Penny said...

Hope the haematology review goes well.

And depending on your mother, hope the visit from your mother goes well too. (Well, hopefully it will go well anyway, but some mothers are easier guests then others.)

Kyoko said...

Gosh, you have been busy! Saw your new artesan sock yarn. Looks very very tempting doesn't it!!!?? I am itching to make myself a pair of socks but I think it will have to be after Christmas. I must wrap my last present to wesley today (while he is away so that he won't know)....
I hope you have a wonderful Christmas. Cant' wait to see your new creations :D