Wednesday, December 03, 2008

A pair of kittens

We were unexpectedly snowed in again yesterday, so I took the opportunity to finish the Cat Mittens.

Warning: they come up small! They will fit my daughter but they are too tight for me.

I liked the way the red Nature's Pallette wasn't quite a solid colour, giving the cats a bit more life than a matte colour would have done.

I made it to work this morning but only because FL drove me in. We moved my car to the top of the hill yesterday afternoon when there was a slight thaw, but now the doors are frozen shut! Just as well really because the "main" road was very icey - the plough had been out buit not the gritter!

More snow predicted for later this week, so I will make sure my work notebook is in my bag so that I can work from home. No Broadband (its been 4 weeks now) but at least I will have paper and pen!

Thanks to all the commenters who reminded me that "Midnight at the Lost and Found" is a Meat Loaf song. Crikey that takes me back! I was briefly wooed by a hairy biker who called me "The Pict" and played me Meat Loaf songs. I feel old!


RooKnits said...

Beautiful mittens, I love them. Good luck in the snow tomorrow - is it me or has there been loads more this year?

Bryony Ramsden said...


Also hahah! You quoted Meatloaf :D I'd do anything for knitting, but I wouldn't do that... Errm, oops - just did :D