Friday, December 19, 2008

Review of 2008

It’s that time of year when all the Sunday supplements are doing Reviews of 2008 and bloggers are publishing their goals for 2009 – so why should I be different!

2008 Knitting

This was definitely my most productive knitting year to date - hooray!

Socks: 10 pairs down, the 11th are 75% done (Fl’s Christmas stockings – eek!)
Gloves / Mittens: 4 pairs
Hats: 3
Full-sized garments: 1, Manon
Baby garments: 1, Hoodie
Scarves / shawls: 7

The highlights were definitely the Shetland Lace Triangle – my first ever lace project! And Manon – my first full-sized garment in years!

Special sock mention: Aethenoth. My first-ever toe-up sock and a great pattern to boot!

The Socks from Stash Club plan was semi-successful... in the sense that I did knit socks from stash yarns. But not a whole pair for every month of the year. And I also acquired several more skeins of sock yarn, and did not knit my way through all of them. The current outstanding sock yarn stash is enough for… ahem… 29 pairs of socks. Which at the current production rate will take me THREE YEARS!

2008 Sewing

It was also a good year for sewing! When I totalled it up, I only made 3 skirts, 2 tops, 1 coat and 1 dress... but they were all successful. I am particularly pleased with the blouse because it was such a “serious” project and fits so neatly.

The dress has to get a special mention because it required so much alteration and was my first attempt with a “vintage” pattern.

Now I need to have a think about my goals for 2009!

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