Saturday, December 27, 2008

Seasonal socks

Back of sock, followed by front of sock:

The Mulled Wine socks are progressing well. I got a bit grumpy when I realised that I was knitting a complicated lace pattern which was about to disappear under the fancy berried cuff... I think I would have shoved plain ribbing under there if I had thought about it first.
However, the attention to detail on this pattern from Loumms Year of Socks is really impressive - I have learned how to avoid a hole when turning the cuff inside out, and how to achieve a perfect short row heel with another hole-avoidance technique. Splendid work Lou and Emms!
And I had a lovely little surprise in the post from Penny: a tiny ball of Opal and some point protectors - thanks Penny!

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Penny said...

They are gorgeous socks. I'm glad the package got to you safer. I think the Opal was 39m, but I could be wrong.