Monday, December 01, 2008

Welcome to the Lost and Found

(I am convinced that is the lyric from a song, but can I find it? Nope!)

This weekend I received a belated birthday present. My lovely blog-pal Roo sent me a glistening silver package! The thing is, she sent it in plenty of time, and was puzzled, then concerned when it failed to appear. As the days went by, and my daily chant “Has a silver package arrived ?” met with the same negative response from FL, day after day, we had come to the conclusion that it had got lost in the post. And I was sad.

So on Saturday, when I once again lamented its loss over breakfast, I was more than a little surprised when FL looked up sharply from his newspaper: “SILVER?!” “Yes, that’s what I have been saying all week – a silver package.” And then he shot out of the room and returned a few seconds later, clutching… a silver package! It had arrived over a week earlier and for reasons he cannot now recall, he put it away in a cupboard with all my other post from that day (why?) and promptly forgot it had ever arrived.

Thank you Roo! It is a skein of HazelKnits sock yarn from Socktopus in the colour “Chocolatier” and it is the most chocolatey, scrumptious soft yarn a girl could ever wish for – seriously, I think I need to stock up on this yarn as it is exactly the texture I prefer (think Piece of Beauty or Jitterbug) and the colour is so deep and multi-layered… yum yum yum! Oh and there was a Socktopus measuring tape too – very cute and useful!

But back to the memory loss… We had another incident recently. FL went out to see our farmer neighbour, to tell him we had a flock of his sheep in our field. He was gone for twenty minutes and when he returned, FL told me he had wiped the floor with said neighbour concerning unpaid debts, sheep munching our EU trees and the fact that the neighbour has been positively hostile towards FL and myself for no known reason for the past almost 5 years. (OMG!)

When he met the neighbour filling a truck with sheep from our field the next morning, it shouldn’t have come as a surprise… but it did. FL came home and remarked that D was taking some sheep off our land, and had been friendly and chatty and wasn’t that amazing, whatever could have got into him? So I mentioned the previous evening’s visit. FL stared at me. “What are you talking about? I didn’t go to see D last night!” “Yes you did, you were gone twenty minutes.” “No I didn’t – don’t be ridiculous, I haven’t been to see D in years!” My daughter and son overheard and joined in with me “Oh yes you did – and you told him off!” And then we realised he had absolutely no memory of the previous night’s encounter.

So it wasn’t actually a great surprise when yesterday he let the dog out for a walk at 7 in the morning... and forgot to go out with him. Instead he came back to bed, where he slept soundly for 2 hours. At 9am the phone rang, and a lady explained that our dog was in her farmyard and could we collect him please? FL was bewildered. He thought the dog was in his basket in the front room? No, in fact Hero had taken himself for a 5-mile walk when he found himself alone outside the front door.

Lost – one memory. Foreboding.


RooKnits said...

I'm so glad the parcel arrived safely... but I wish it had been remembered. Sending you hugs. xxxx

ambermoggie said...

Oh Ruth sending strength for you, lovely parcel from Roo:)
BTW Midnight at the lost and found was Jim Steinman I think who wrote for Meatloaf as well as himself

Twelfthknit said...

Are you thinking of Meatloaf: 'Midnight at the lost and found'?


Penny said...


CarpeDyem said...

Hugs wrapped in love and patience xx

zombiecazz said...

Oh dear. ((hugs)).
Hope the dog enjoyed his walk and it is nice that the neighbour is being more polite.

I hope you don't mind, but I tagged you.