Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Brought to you by the letter P!

Over on Roo’s blog, I saw the alphabet challenge: you are allocated a random letter of the alphabet and have to think of ten things you love beginning with that letter. I was fascinated by Roo’s answers and asked to join in. She gave me the letter P!

Parachute games - I first encountered these as a drama student (oh yes, really!) but perhaps they are best suited to the under 5-s. Everyone stands in a circle holding the edge of a rainbow coloured parachute and gently billow it up and down. All sorts of possibilities ensue: try running underneath from one side to the other without it blowing away; have a “shark” sneaking around underneath pulling people’s toes; or simply create a tent over everyone and sing a song. It's all about co-operation. Blissful!

Penguins - Pingu? Happy Feet? Penguins make me smile! I used to have Pingu throwing snowballs as my screensaver at work until I was told it was "illegally installed software". Pshaw!

Polar bears - Another cold-climate creature which fascinates me. It's all about the shape of them, the way they move. I once attended an illustration workshop where we had to sketch polar bears while watching a film of them. Really hard! They move a lot faster than you might imagine!

Peace - Oh blah blah blah - do I think I am Miss World or something?! But yeah, I love peace.

Plum jam - My grandmother made this every year. It tasted like autumn sunshine. To be eaten with:

Pancakes - The Scottish kind, aka “drop scones”- fresh from the griddle. Haven’t had these for years! They make me think of Ironing Day and sitting on the draining board while my mother worked her way through piles of tea towels and pillowcases. She ironed her tea towels?!

Pomegranates - ( still thinking of food!) Those beautiful ruby jewels packed full of iron! The look of them, the taste of them. I love the Moro recipe of duck with pomegranate – you are meant to use pomegranate molasses but I just use the broken up fruit. When I was a child, my mother told me to eat the fruit off the seeds one by one with a pin and spit out the pip. A quarter lasted me for hours!

Patchwork - Faded well-loved quilts full of history. I had a major patchworking phase in the 1990’s and still haven’t finished the queen-size bedcover I began while pregnant with my daughter. She is 12 ½ now. I must dig it out one day finish it?

Palaeography - I love examining old manuscripts, trying to decipher the handwriting and make sense of the words.

Pages - the clean white crispness of a brand new notebook - is there anything better?