Thursday, January 08, 2009


FL wanted a hat that would keep his ears warm on the golf course.

Knowing his interest in all things Roman, I jokingly suggested Centuria by Woolly Wormhead. He took me up on this suggestion with alarming enthusiasm, despite my warnings that he would look… insane in it.

It was a quick knit, once I got into the swing of the “wrap and turns”. I stupidly misread the instructions and only did one repeat of the main section between the first ear flap and the second, instead of two. This was easily “fixed” by doing two repeats after the second ear flap, so effectively knitting the hat back to front. The straight edge of the flap is meant to be in front of the ear and not behind it… but it looks fine with the curved side at the front, in my opinion!

I tried it on him while he was asleep in his chair on Monday night and he looked like a weird bearded baby (sorry FL!). But his suggested modification may have cured that: he wanted a band of knitting under his chin, fixed by a button on each ear flap, to stop it falling off when he bends to pick up a golf ball. I decided to add brass buttons to make it appear more grown-up, and play up the "Legionnaire Look".

The facts: Centuria by Woolly Wormhead from the book “Going Straight”, size Large. A couple of yards over 50g of Elle Wool Boutique variegated merino, colour “Bonfire”, on 3.75mm needles. I added a chinstrap tube of garter stitch, which I felted lightly, for added stability. I threaded buttonhole elastic through this, handstitching it in place at both ends. This is then fastened to a small plain button inside each earflap. To avoid stretching the knitted fabric too much, I sewed a small square of bias binding under the button, and used an ornamental brassy button (plastic, so not too heavy) on the outside for balance and decoration. Incredibly soft, light and warm, this wool felts beautifully so I had better make sure it doesn’t sneak its way into the wash!

Verdict? Dressing-up-box madness! He loves it!


Kyoko said...

Love the hat! It is so cute!
By the way, you have made the hat with incredible detail. I am so impressed. I have never seen the website of wooly wormhead. Thank you for the link :D
I didn't realise you have so many knitting post since the New Year (happy new year!). I will check you knitting creations now. :D

tea and cake said...

The hat is lovely and beautifully made! I don't think my man would consider wearing such a hat, which is a shame as it looks so cosy.

Susie Hemingway said...

What a lovely hat and how very sensible. H often wears a little wool hat when he gets up and finds it so cosy but it's not as 'Posh' as this! Beautiful work, you are indeed a very clever lady- Oh well done.