Friday, January 09, 2009

The First Week Back

It’s Friday and I appear to have survived my first week back at work. I’ve brought you up to date with my holiday activities and received some lovely comments. A special mention to Andre for saying that FL was so good-looking in that photo, he “made Sean Connery seem like a troll in comparison”!?! He (FL, not Sean) is still chuckling at that one! It is a bigger joke when you know how FL speaks... yeah, he DOES sound a lot like the man himself!

Image credit: found via Google - if this is your cartoon, thank you for letting me borrow it!

So – the sleeveless woollie? Well, there seems to be general agreement that Loppem, the Back to School Vest and Maude are the front-runners. I already have the yarn for Loppem, which I could use to knit the B2SV… but the more I think about it, the more I realise I fancy a more tweedy yarn for that design, one of the Cascade Heathers perhaps? So Loppem is back in pole position. I also have the yarn for Maude, so really the only decision left is which one to knit first. Casting on soon - wait and see!

Socks? Have you seen the new Loumms pattern Court Line? Emma designed it for her father’s 60th birthday, and it has all the characteristics of a good man-sock: not too plain, not too fancy, somewhat ribby, somewhat geometric. I will be casting on soon in Malabrigo Persia! I still need to finish my second December sock, Mulled Wine, but I am feeling relaxed about this.

This week I have been working on another hat – Windward, again by Woolly Wormhead. FO to follow!

Have a good weekend!


RooKnits said...

Oooh. I need to knit a pair of 60th birthday socks for my dad (by the 30th Jan!!) Off to look at the pattern now!

Penny said...

Fun decisions, deciding which to knit. Loppem and the B2SV are both good choices.

tea and cake said...

Well done for surviving your first week back And, you still sound chirpy!
I've got a stash of sock yarn to get going on, so I'm off to look at the pattern as well, though my man will only be 54 in March, so I can be relaxed about that! Many thanks.

Kyoko said...

I have few sock yarns which are already made into a ball but not yet casted on!!!! You must be a very efficient knitter. I checked for the court line sock design. Isn't it just so perfect? I might make one for Wesley this winter.
I was reading your last comment on the sock knitting machine and it made me smile! Hope you had a great weekend!

Bryony Ramsden said...

I have a sneaky suspicion that that art is by Derren Brown (yup the illusionist guy!). He has loads of art in the same style on his site, but I don't see that one... So it might not be him, but it's pretty cool either way :D