Saturday, January 24, 2009

Incoming stash

I am not going to make excuses. I wanted it ... and I bought it.

Silkwood Hedgerow - a dk-weight yarn which is dyed using "a secret plant recipe". I am going to use this for Goldengrove.

And two from Fyberspates. Lime and Violet bamboo / merino mix. I was seduced by the colours and of course it reminded me how much I enjoy listening to the Lime and Violet podcast when my office-mates both go to lunch at the same time - a too-rare occurrence!

Last, but not least, Fyberspates "Sparkle sock" in Blackberry - this is very pretty indeed! I am going to make fingerless gloves for my daughter's birthday - sssh! Secret!!!


Sue. said...

There is something just so promising about nice, new, squeaky clean yarn, full of promise, that makes even the dreariest day a sunny one! Enjoy, enjoy! Sue.

ambermoggie said...

gorgeous colours and sparkles too:))

mattress said...

I like to see the color on the wool and thread more then a fine knitted product.

Kyoko said...

Ooo! I am so jealous of your wonderful stash! Silkwood Hedgerow looks so dangerously tempting!