Friday, January 30, 2009

The Knitter - Issue 2

Hot on the heels of Issue 1, my subscriber copy of Issue 2 of “The Knitter” arrived yesterday.

My heart sank when I saw the cover – pastelle cotton horror! Very “Rowan-exhibition-monster”! Deeply “Stepford wife”! But I am so glad I subscribed because instead of turning my nose up at the cover in the newsagents and walking on, it was here in my house and I felt obliged to give it a chance.

And thank goodness I did, because I LOVE the Mason Dixon Liberty blanket!

And I am NUTS about this Rosie Posie tea cosy! (ETA: you can find this pattern free on Ravelry!)

There is an inspirational quality to the 1940’s style sweater (if it wasn’t so pink!) and the Martin Storey fair-isle-yoke number – reminiscent of the Shetland wool ones my mother knitted in the 1960’s. There is a sock pattern using Fyberspates merino/bamboo which I might consider knitting, since I have the yarn already.

But I really don’t like the fake shearling gilet – each of those three words makes me shudder! And there is rather a lot of acrylic lurking in these pages, which is a shame. But hey, that’s the knitter’s choice: substitutes are always possible.

Elsewhere in the magazine, I am once again intrigued by the yarn- and book- reviews. Lots of things I hadn’t come across in my web-scouring. The Mason-Dixon book “Knitting Outside the Lines” has crept onto my Wish List after seeing The Blanket and the text-embroidered frock-coat. Not that I would ever make a pleated frock coat, but the embroidery idea is FAB! And a whole book of crazy tea-cosies? Nah – I wouldn’t buy it, but I would certainly look for it at the library.

The other Very Good Thing in this issue is a pair of tutorials: one for two-handed fair-isle, and the other for steeking. I forgot to mention in my review of Issue 1 that there is a tutorial for the elusive Turkish cast-on – brilliant! That’s three things I don’t know how to do, and now I have illustrated guides to hand.

On balance, I am impressed!


tea and cake said...

Aaarrgh! I've not even seen no 1 yet! But, am off to Perth tomorrow, so will look out for it in Smith's.
Thanks for this.

tea and cake said...

Aaarrgh! again - I went and couldn't find it! Mail order, here I come. Good job you keep us up to date, ins't it?
Have a good weekend.