Monday, January 26, 2009

Loppem beginnings

I have made a start on Loppem. It isn't very photogenic at the moment!

I remember now why I knit socks - these rows of stocking stitch go on forever! I am using Cascade 220 for the first time ever, mainly because this was exactly the colour I wanted. It is absolutely fit for purpose, but I am missing the softness of Malabrigo or Coldharbour organic dk.

I had knitted almost 6 inches before I found a second set of errata which over-wrote the first - noooooooo! It isn't the end of the world: it just means my cable has a sort of 3-d-ish-ness which it shouldn't have at the bottom of each oval. I have decided to call it "acorn-like" and keep it. I have knitted almost 9 inches now and I am NOT ripping it back for the sake of an unusual cable feature!
It isn't exciting me. I am knitting this for something to wear over my new shirts to work, end of story.

Meanwhile I am hatching plans for O W L S and Sylvi and itching to get back to my Court Line socks. Ah socks, socks, how I love thee!


Some Chilean Woman said...

Oh I disagree! I think it's very photogenic right now...the color is lovely.

RooKnits said...

Beautiful colour - it is going to look great - how is the OWLS and Sylvi plotting going?