Sunday, January 25, 2009

Potential warmth

On Saturday, FL and I got up early and drove to a wood-burning stove supplier to talk through the options. We had several surprises - the price (ouch!) and the waiting list for installation (April at the earliest!) were the downers... but on the good side, we are getting a fire with OWLS embossed on the side :D

The picture even looks a lot like our fireplace! We have to get the bricked-up bit removed and the chimney re-lined and a new hearth, and it will involve two days of uproar...but I guess that's what happens if you want to improve your home!
I am excited!
So it was only a partial dampener when we got up this morning to find that our bedroom chimney was dripping water and there was a pond in the middle of the bedroom floor...
I think it must be jealous of its sibling.


tea and cake said...

Awe, sorry about the water feature in your bedroom! The new fire sounds really lovely - we had to have one installed a couple of years ago and it = bliss!

sada said...

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mattresses said...

Is not putting fire like that dangerous? Before there was no other way to do but now we have ways.