Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The sleeveless woollie dilemma

The January sales have arrived at exactly the right time (well it IS January, stupid!)… no, no, I mean the right time for me with my new "clothing allowance" from FL!

Yesterday I bought three smart shirts to wear to work for the usual price of one (at Boden). This was astonishing even in the sale – I think the company must be struggling. These aren't the actual colours I chose - they won't let me copy their pictures - tsk!

So as the fresh cotton crispness wings its way to me (and I remember that I will now have to take up ironing – damn!) it seems like a good time to cast on for some sort of warm slipover-ish item (or two!) because realistically spring is still a long way off.

The candidates:

Loppem in a sizzling purplish blue Cascade 220.

Anais in soft green dk from Handpainted Yarns.

Maude in a variegated purple fingering-weight from Carpedyem.

I have the yarns and I have the patterns, so there is no reason to delay, other than the usual “fear of the blank page” feeling which strikes me at the start of a new project.
Not wanting to “spoil” my yarn by knitting the wrong size / choosing the wrong colour. Wondering if the shape will work over a buttoned shirt – hmm… that’s a real consideration.

Back to Ravelry, and the Back To School Vest is waving at me – I can get the book at the library.
And then I remembered the Shetland Shawl Turned Vest from Lace Style – ooh!

Now I am totally confused!
Which one would you knit?


RooKnits said...

Such Dilemas. Well... I think lots of people have had issues with Loppem - but at least they seem to be well documented. I reckon that one would work best over a shirt. Apart from maybe the Back to School Vest, which is another "perfect for over a shirt" tank - in a different way to Loppem.
However I do love Maude and think it would really suit you. It might work with a collar, you could always email Diane and get her to try it to see how it looks! (She is lovely and I'm sure would oblige)!

tea and cake said...

Loppem and Back to School vest are my favourites. I know what you mean about the 'blank page' anxieties! I suffer those too, in fact I'm on here while puzzling a choice just now. Good luck.

Janey said...

I like Maude and have already got pattern lined up for myself!! Think cardi style is good cos easier to take off if get a bit warm, I'm at the age where you often 'get a bit warm' !! But as you are much younger that may not be a consideration for you!!!