Friday, January 23, 2009

We are very lucky

Just to say - thank you to everyone who has commented or even thought about commenting on this week's health-related posts. Your supportive words are very much appreciated.

FL is doing fine - and we are determined to make the most of that. He has a great quality of life at the moment: very little pain and the strength and energy to golf at least 5 times a week = amazing! So many other "myeloma bloggers" are embroiled in complicated healthcare insurance traumas and the tricky business of making ends meet with a breadwinner "down" - we just don't have these problems. We are very lucky!

So if you catch me getting a bit maudlin, you have my permission to slap me round the head with a wet fish (preferably line-caught in a local river, in the interests of the environment.)


Gabrielle said...

No wet fish slapping from me, it sounds like you are both bearing up well!

tea and cake said...

Lovey, you tell us whatever you need to! You are lucky, as we all are in some way or other (I say this even with Mr T still coffing, urgh!) I am lucky to have only this to moan about, after the health problems he's had.
Just give FL a big hug from us, too.

ambermoggie said...

would that be a line made from yarn? Locally produced yarn fo course:)
Glad you are all doing well up north
and here's to it long continuing

Bryony Ramsden said...

Just wanted to drop a word in to say I'm sorry, but you have the perfect attitude about it - life is for living rather than dwelling on what isn't happening yet, so keep it up.

Big hugs

motopacsman said...

Your wet fish is an excellent metaphor for the choices we face daily. (Particularly if one considers steroids.)

We can savor the fish or we can slap you around with it.

I'd rather discuss cooking styles and sauces, then move along to a pleasant meal with any of these good people who care for you and FL.

If no one brings the whine, is someone bringing the wine?