Sunday, February 15, 2009

Aviemore... and back

On Friday, FL wanted to take the kids to the ski-slopes. It was something he had done with his own children and wanted to share with mine.

So we drove for two hours and arrived at the winter resort town in time for lunch. But the cafe queues were too long, so we set off for the slopes, to meet a notice: "Car park full. No ski or board hire." Back to the town.

We tried everywhere. Every single set of skis and snowboard was gone. Clearly everyone else had had the same idea as us.

So we bought two sledges... and drove home again.

We stopped at a wool shop in Aberlour on the way - hooray! And I was tempted by Drops Eskimo for Sylvi.. but they didn't have enough. So I bought some alpaca for mittens instead. More of that another day.

Speaking of mittens... this is what happens when you use your hands as brakes when sledging. Gulp.


emmms said...

No! Your poor mitts! It sounds like it may have been worth it, but still, how gutting!

RooKnits said...

Poor cats! However, I am jealous of your sledging outing and would sacrifice my mitens for an afternoon of sledging!

tea and cake said...

OMG your mittens! That you carefully knitted! I bet you had a fab time sledging, pity about Aviemore - are you too far away for the ski-ing at Glenshee? Mind, the A93 has been choc-a-bloc this last weekk or so.

zombiecazz said...

Oh shame, but they do look like proper paws now.

Anastasia said...

That's gorgeous! Looks extra good over the black sweater too :)

Latin brides said...

Nice pullover and I want to have one for my own.