Thursday, February 26, 2009

Court Line socks: finished!


These are Court Line socks from the Loumms Year of Socks. Cast on on the 11th January and completed on the 25th February. Interrupted for Loppem, but even so… somehow these socks seemed to take forever. Maybe I am just getting impatient in my old age. I think it was the cabled rib on the front panel that did for me, particularly as my RSI is causing trouble at the moment.

The stats: Malabrigo sock yarn in “Persia” colourway, knitted on 2.5mm dpns. I opted not to change down to 2.25mms as suggested in the pattern. They are only 68 stitches round and I was worried that they might not fit FL’s ankles, but they are fine – hooray! The yarn is very soft and has a subtle gleam, which gives good stitch definition despite the dark colourway. There was one area of dodgy plying, but no breaks (which I have heard can be a problem with Malabrigo). I am not convinced they will be very hard-wearing but there is plenty left over for darning.

In summary: they look great! And it is definitely a very man-friendly pattern. Another Loumms winner!


RooKnits said...

Fabulous. I'm sure FL is very happy with these. What socks are next?

emmms said...

They look amazing and I'm so happy they fit! I love how colour seems to shift about from stitch to stitch. It's like looking at the ocean.