Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A dozen fish pies

Yesterday at work I received a text from FL: “12 fish pies arrived. In fridge.” Eh?! Fish pies? Through the post?! Eew!

It had me puzzled for a while. And then it dawned on me that this was not the result of a dazed late-night Ebay accident. It was simply a case of wholesome recycled packaging – phew!
You can imagine the relief when I opened my box of freshly-chilled ... bowls, cups and saucers!

We were down to our last three bowls. There are four of us. This was not a good situation. I looked in all the obvious places. Do you know the price of your average high street cereal bowl? And even at Ebay, people were paying silly money for chipped Habitat pottery (why?!) I had all but given up hope and resigned myself to an afternoon trawling the charity shops, when I fell upon some treasure.

A set of six 1950’s / 60’s bowls: one large and six smaller, with a very low current bid. I stuck in my laughable bid with little hope of success. And again for the matching tea cups and saucers while I was at it. Result? I won! So for the price of one and a half John Lewis cereal bowls, I have 7 bowls, three cups and saucers and a side plate – woo hoo!

They might not be collector’s items, but they are definitely “vintage” and have far more character than brand new. I wonder if there is a matching teapot…?!
By the way... I do still knit. The final toe of the final Court Line sock awaits me this evening. And not a moment too soon!


Margaret said...

Beautiful design. So much better than new stuff. Congratulations on winning that treasure.

tea and cake said...

I too suffer from '...dazed late night ebay accident[s]' of which I think I'm currently waiting for some orange ric-rac with coloured stitches on it(!) The crockery is lovely - I would use it, and will keep an eye open for the teapot. x

emmms said...

What a fantastic set! How I do love ebay.

Can't wait to see your finished Court Lines, hurrah!