Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Loppem update

Loppem is on its way.

As my daughter remarked, I seem to have been knitting it forever. Even though it has been less than two weeks! There might be a cable at each end of the very long needle, but there was nothing to keep me interested in between. Remember, I am a “thrower”, so plain speed knitting is not my forte. The only saving grace is that, being knit in one piece, there is no sewing up to do – hooray!

If you are thinking of knitting this, or anything else from NG Volume 3, I would advise you to keep checking the errata on a regular basis. It had changed since I printed it out, and there was even more guidance to be found on Ravelry. (How did we manage before Ravelry?!) So although it is not a difficult knit, it isn’t a pattern I felt relaxed about knitting – I kept thinking I was about to be tripped up yet again by having overlooked an essential piece of advice.

I am at the yoke. So absolutely in the home stretch. 4 rows plus the tiny sleevelets to go. I tried it on last night, circular needle and all, and it curls like a corkscrew. Serious blocking required! And buttons.

This is an elusive colour which shifts from dark blue through to an electric purple depending on the light. Roo suggested wood, but I’m not sure. Maybe old Czech glass? I have seen examples that glimmer with blue through to purple rainbows. Pewter? Or even just grey Bakelite-type material.

I tipped out granny's button box last night and found some shimmering bronze / pink / green shell buttons which aren't bad exactly, but are not perfect. If I had the same thing in blues and purples I would be happier.

Pictures will follow!

I had been hoping for a snow day (i.e.knitting day!) today, but all we have here is rain - pah!


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