Sunday, February 08, 2009

Lucia in the snow

Last night, FL and I went to the New York Metropolitan Opera House to see "Lucia Di Lammermoor"... well, not exactly - it was broadcast live to the Belmont cinema in Aberdeen and we went there!

I was rather reluctant to make the journey. This is what our farm road looked like, and further snow was forecast. FL spent a long time digging and sanding to get his car over the hill to the main road. Mine is still the wrong side of the snowdrift!

It was an interesting trip. Strange to watch a theatre performance in a cinema! Even stranger to have a hyperactive presenter interviewing the singers just seconds after they left the stage. But it was fascinating to watch the scene shifters in action. I hope I will not be judged a philistine for finding this the best part! My previous knowledge of opera comes from set-painting at University, so it amused me to watch a girl running up to the scenery in the interval and repairing it with masking tape, before re-painting the scuffed gold leaf!

The drive home was hairy. We came out of the cinema into a blizzard and had to creep along at 10 miles an hour through the city. By the time we got to the country roads, visibility was nil and the car was slithering all over the road. We made it to the end of the track, where we abandoned the car and trudged home in our wellies.

Would I do it again? Preferably NOT in a snowstorm! But FL made it known that seeing this opera was on his list of things to do before he dies. I didn't have the heart to refuse.


tea and cake said...

Brave? Or, foolish? I think Brave - the chidren will remember it forever.

zombiecazz said...

Have you ever been to the opera in the park they do.
It's usually in july, we bring a picnic and blankets and sit and enjoy the big screen broadcast.
Last year it was The marriage of Figaro.

Skip Hire said...

Nice snow all over. thanks for such a good pic.