Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I spotted this Cascade 220 in Sussex Yorkie's "trade or sell" stash at Ravelry. Dark purple tweed? Exactly what I wanted for a Back-to-school Vest (from "Fitted Knits".)

I have collected the book from the library.
But I need to knit some socks first. Back to Court Line for FL! I finished the first one last night. And then it is definitely Goldengrove socks for me.

However, my daughter noticed that the Staccato hoodie pattern is now available... and I did make a rash promise when we first saw this teen-friendly-knit! Hmmm. She is keen on the last seven colours of plant-dyed aran on this page. Her handwarmers in this yarn have been worn every day since I knitted them and are showing no signs of wear and tear. And I reckon the leftovers would provide hours of fun for colourwork hats / mittens for next Christmas!

However, I just realised that the boy-version of Kirsten's hoodie is knitted from Cascade 220 Heathers... and my daughter's favourite colour is purple. I suspect that I have stumbled on a cheaper option! That's the back-to-School vest back down the queue I suspect!

The excitement of snow is wearing a little thin now. My car is still incapacitated at the end of our farm road... because the doors are frozen shut. We tried squirting anti-freeze on the locks and round the doors, but to no avail. Then we tried hot water. Nope. Don't tell me to try a hair-dryer as we don't have a 300-metre-long flex to reach from the house to the road end! So FL has had to drive me to work this week, as well as ferry children around when the school bus failed to turn up. We left home at 7.30am and I was still late for a 9am meeting. Work should be a 20-minute drive away. Sigh.

The kids have a half-term break for the remainder of this week and the first half of next. They are off to London for part of it, so I will have uninterrupted craft time this weekend - woo hoo! Will I finally get the sewing machine out and make some work trousers?!


RooKnits said...

Oooh Staccato is wonderful! You know my love of stripes - I am now wondering if I can get away with a stripy hoodie even though I am the wrong side of 30!
That cascade is such a wonderful colour... yum yum yum.

zombiecazz said...

Love that purple.

Penny said...

We've still got some snow here, but not nearly as much as that.

blue hands said...

Gorgeous purple yarn! And just popped by to let you know that I've tagged you over at my blog.