Friday, February 20, 2009

The weekend ahead

What can I tell you?

I am still knitting FL’s Court Line socks. There was a couple of dropped-stitches following a glass (or two) of wine – oops! But I hope to finish the pair this weekend. I have reached the grumpy stage now – I just want them finished. For no good reason. I’ve just got tired of knitting them.

I am all fired up for more sewing after the wide trouser success. (Thanks to everyone who commented!) I have a slightly-narrower-legged pattern I might be able to use for the black cavalry twill. But at the moment it shows a Velcro fastening at the fly. Ah the early 1990’s were such fun! Do you remember the “Utility Urban Sport” look of drawstring trainers with toggles, “microfibres” and Velcro everywhere? There is something strangely disquieting at the thought of a rapid-release Velcro crotch. Quite apart from the sound effects! So I need to adjust the pattern to accommodate a zip. I might put it in the side seam again.

I also have that 1970’s Betsey Johnson dress pattern (I showed you on Wednesday) to try out. I bought it for me, but when it arrived I discovered it was a child’s size – the ebay seller didn’t mention this! Luckily, my daughter is intrigued. She doesn’t own a skirt, let alone a dress, and rather fancies a gothic-lolita number. This pattern definitely has that potential in the right material.

My knitting plans are unfocussed. A purple tweed Back-to-School vest. Goldengrove socks.
O W L S. Sylvi. Staccato. Mittens. Who knows?!

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RooKnits said...

Looking forward to seeing the sewing exploits - not sure about a velcro crotch either!
Have a lovely weekend