Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday the 13th? Pshaw!

Thank you (again) for all your words of support.

My car lies abandoned behind the Bothy awaiting collection for repair by our friendly local garage-owner. Meanwhile, FL is chauffeuring me to and from work, which he says makes him feel useful. It adds to his tiredness, I am sure, but he has a compulsion to throw himself into the backlog of home maintenance tasks at the moment… “while he can”. I just have to try to keep him off the roof. No, I am not kidding.

Simple Yet Effective grows and grows. I have knitted past the end of the pattern as written and there is still plenty of yarn left on the ball. I see no point in stopping while the yardage is good! I came across another blogger who is knitting its twin - snap!

Goldengrove sock 2 is approaching the heel flap.

Project 13 is set to have its skeins wound into balls tonight, while my daughter is out.

This weekend I am likely to be confined to the farm, with my car out of action, so I will make my bag. And begin my pinny. And supervise homework.

We are OK. Just hoping for a positive strategy from the doctors next Thursday, and hoping that is not too much to ask.

Meantime, looking forward to Cookie A's new book (preview pics up on Ravelry!) and Wendy-the-sock's new book (preview and a free pattern up on her blog!) and marinating myself in the new Knitty. I am very serious about knitting the Pioneer top in stashed green wool! And thinking about casting on the latest Loumms sock or socks - because you knew I would, didn't you? Hooray!

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RooKnits said...

Looking forward to photos of "Simple yet effective" you know how I love colourful noro stripes. Have a wonderful weekend bag and pinny making.
Pioneer is fabulous... I want one too.. however I fear it will look much better on you than me!