Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Goldengrove socks - beginnings

When my copy of “Knitting Socks with Handpainted Yarn” arrived I was immediately drawn to the “Goldengrove” pattern. In a book filled with hyperactive multi-coloured socks, a semi-solid yarn in an unusual rib seemed quite calm (some might say “boring”!) in comparison. But for whatever reason, I knew it would be the first pattern I knit from this book and I bought this Silkwood Hedgerow plant-dyed yarn especially for it.

The yarn is double-knitting so I cast on fewer stitches (60 instead of 72) on larger needles (3.25mm instead of 2.75mm). In one evening I was approaching the heel flap of sock one!

This is a really easy knit. The stitch pattern is quick to learn, but changes every 7 rows to keep things interesting. There is absolutely no stress to my RSI, which has reduced my right hand to a claw this week.

The yarn is nothing special in terms of its texture – it’s neither particularly soft nor abrasive. The dyeing is strong. I keep checking my fingers, but so far I have not turned yellow! I suspect a lot of colour will come out in the first wash though.

These are going to be my “farm socks”, for striding about in the fields with the dog. They speak to me of long-lost barley harvests and culling marsh marigolds from the potato crop. I wish I knew which plants had been used to dye the yarn but it is "a secret recipe handed down to Tess from her grandmother"! Nostalgia socks!

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tea and cake said...

I miss one day of looking in on you, and look what you have done! This is really lovely, and as you say, reminiscent of barley fields.