Thursday, March 26, 2009

Into the woods

There are large swathes of woodland on the farm, much of it planted by FL.

Until now, it has been largely impenetrable. I once took the kids out for a game of "follow the cat" and we ended up on hands and knees with pine needles up our noses and in our hair trying to go for a walk!

But this year, the local gamekeeper and his men cut paths through the trees to set up their pheasant-feeders and stalk roe deer. As a result we can now walk for about 40 minutes through our own evergreen woods.

They did this without reference to FL. So we ought to be outraged. But it is so lovely to have these woodland trails right on our doorstep, all to ourselves... when the hunters are not out! I am seriously considering investment in high-visibility jackets to avoid being shot at twilight!

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tea and cake said...

ooh, this looks like a fairie glen!