Friday, March 27, 2009

Looking for owls

Look! We have a wood-burning stove!

But where are the owls?

This model is known as “The Owl” because the UK version has embossed birds on the side. For some unknown reason, we have been delivered of a European stove which is completely plain. Sniffle! FL was all for ringing them up to complain on my behalf, but how childish would that sound?! I will just have to make do with the real live owls in the trees outside... or knit a jumper!

I can't tell you how excited and relieved I am to finally have a source of proper heat in our main living space. It wasn’t cheap. It cost more than the stupid government-funded “central-heating” which took so long to arrive and has proved to be, frankly, totally inadequate.

When it was really really cold a month or so ago, we tried lighting the coal fire and quickly realised that the central heating men had not cut the pipe from the back boiler to the water tank, but had capped it, so the heat from the fire set the pipes clanking alarmingly, threatening to disconnect at the top and flood us with hot water. So we shovelled the burning coal out into the snow and put our coats on instead.


But now, NOW we have a relatively clean and highly efficient, dare I say it stylish source of heat. I want to take the door off the tall narrow hall cupboard to use it as a decorative log store feature. But FL says that is a waste of space and is décor for décor’s sake... (ultimate sin!). He plans to store logs in the dog kennel. So… where does the dog go when we have nervous visitors?! Considering we have an unused Bothy on our doorstep, this seems a bit daft. But FL still has plans to refurbish the Bothy and banish my son and his electric guitar out there. I can’t see it happening before he leaves for University!

Of course, now we need to consider re-flooring the living area. There is a gap between the scrappy laminate flooring and the new hearth. It never ends! But it is definitely a home improvement!


tea and cake said...

How absolutely lovely for you! You'll just have to get some hot chocolate and marshmallows now, to go with it. K x

Margaret said...

You could always knit this:

ambermoggie said...

shame about the owls but a fabulous stove and you will be warm:)

Helen said...

Stoves are absolutely fantastic and worth every penny. We don't have any heating in our house other than the stove in the kitchen (which has squirrels on the side) and one in the lounge (which doesn't) and they heat the whole (granted, small) house. If you need owls you'll need to look at Kate's owls pattern. You'll find it on Ravelry somewhere. It's full of owls!

Roobeedoo said...

Margaret and Helen - thanks both for the O W L S suggestion - this was what I was hinting at... but I forgot to add a link! I have the yarn and the buttons already!