Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Midweek crises

I’m still here!

Knitting continues happily on both the Simple Shawl and the Goldengrove socks.

I also started a new sewing project at the weekend – my first ever bag! It is from the Anna Maria Horner book “Seams to Me: 24 new reasons to love sewing” which bewitched me in the bookshop and then took a week to arrive from a discount online retailer (not the one I took the photo from!).

I am making the “Taxi Tote”. I should have pictures by next weekend as I was waiting for lining fabric to arrive – and then it had to be pre-washed, yada yada yada. In other words, I have spent longer assembling the materials than I will to make the bag!

Then one thing led to another and I found myself obsessing over an apron pattern. I know. Pinny pron. Sigh. But when you see it, you might understand – very very cute!

But... last night my car broke down (thermostat blew as I overtook a tractor on a busy road – eek!). And FL is looking… ill. Pain in his back, pain in his lungs, very tired. He has a review at the hospital next Thursday, not a moment too soon.


RooKnits said...

Oh man. What a week already.
Sending hugs your way.

Twelfthknit said...

sheesh, what a week.Hope the rest gets better.

ambermoggie said...

and not even Friday 13th yet. Sending hugs and strength

Penny said...

That sounds like you are having a tough time. ((hugs))

tea and cake said...

Oh, wow, wow, oh dear, and oh dear - there haven't been enough days this week for All of that news!
More big hugs from me, too. K xx