Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New project: Gothlet Poppy Socks

I needed a new sock project.

I turned to the person nearest and said “OK it’s your turn for new socks – what will it be?” So my daughter and I spent some time rummaging through the stash and the pattern books and print-outs.

We both liked the Viper Pilots pattern (have you seen it yet?), but my daughter wasn’t so keen on a solid-colour yarn. There was no way I was going to knit complicated socks like that only to have the cables disappear in a swirl of colour! (Remember the Embossed Leaves of last Spring?) So I asked her to choose the yarn first. As it happens, this only arrived last week.

It is Poppy superwash sock wool from Gothic Yarns. I bought it in a rush of blood to the head when Carrie announced that she was closing her shop, before I had got round to buying anything from it! Stop! Sell me some yarn! So she did. I bought Poppy and Twilight, which is black overdyed with purple – oooh! The good news is, she is hoping to re-open her shop later in the year. Meantime, she is having a sale - so pop over there and snap up some bargains!

Then we had to identify a suitable pattern. I don’t know if this is going to work out well or not, but I suggested the Diagonal Lace Sock from Wendy’s forthcoming book. I am hoping for mostly red with regular narrow black stripes up the blocks of lace. While I was winding the yarn, I could see that the yarn was 2/3 red to 1/3 black in a very regular repeat. Fingers crossed!
Thanks so much for all the comments about my bag! My next sewing project is coming soon!


RooKnits said...

Viper Pilots has just shot to the top of my queue. Love it. Love the gothic knits yarn too.

ambermoggie said...

oh luscious colours:)