Friday, March 06, 2009

Project 13

So far I have shown you two WIPs: the Simple Yet Effective Shawl and the Goldengrove Socks. There is a third project, which from now on I will refer to as “Project 13”, as it is a secret knitted present for my daughter’s 13th birthday in June.

Just in case she looks at the blog (she knows where it is and you never know…) I won’t be blogging the details. You can find those on Ravelry, if you are so inclined. All I will say here is that it involves 700g of aran-weight wool and it was designed by KK of TTL. Got it?!

The yarn has arrived and is hidden, still in its skeins, awaiting uninterrupted time to wind the balls. I am hoping to devote a child-free week in April to knitting the bulk of this. Until then, it is all in my mind!

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