Sunday, March 01, 2009

Simple Yet Effective beginnings

It’s funny what can trigger a desire to knit something. In the case of the Simple Yet Effective shawl, it was the series of photos posted on Soulemama’s blog. Until that point, paying good money for such a “nothing” pattern seemed like madness. I could probably work it out for myself, I thought. And really, why would I bother because it wasn’t much of anything really, was it?

Ha! All it took was the sight of orange against turquoise garter stitch draped over a bookcase and the tantalising talk of rocking chairs and babies to lull me into submission! Why do I want to knit this shawl? It will keep my shoulders warm while I hug a mug of Sleepy Tea late at night. It will accompany snatched moments of solitary breakfast-table reading, early in the morning before the children get up. It will keep the wind away while I hang out the washing. In short, it will be the country mouse’s comforter.

Aspirational knitting. Simple is enough.


Pat said...

Hey, I just cast on one of those too. One look at everyone's pictures and I just had to have one. I frogged my half knitted Hypnosis sock and started right away - mine is subtle grey and lavender and green with a stripe of bright turquise lurking deeper in the ball somewhere.

Kyoko said...

Oh, the shawl and the colours! It looks so fun to knit. Wrapping yourself with your own hand-knitted shawl with a nice cup of tea sounds completely nice. I like the idea. :D

Jen said...

Great colors! This shawl is going to be beautiful!