Friday, April 17, 2009

All about socks

There hasn't been enough socky goodness in my life recently.

Those red and black Gothic Yarns socks just aren't filling me with joy. I think it is best that I rip them out. Again. I think my gauge is too tight this time - they have no life to them.

Instead? Ah well, my first Goth Socks Club package arrived while I was away - woo hoo! The colourway is "Night", and it promises to knit up in 4-5 row stripes of black interspersed with purple / midnight blue handpainted loveliness. If you look closely you will see there are even little "stars" of white in there - mmm! It came with a skull stitchmarker (good, because I sold all the ones I made a while back!) and the poem "Night" by Percy Bysse Shelly, printed on gloriously tactile parchment ... because this is officially the Dead Poets Club! I am tempted to frame it. (The poem that is, not the yarn.... although....maybe!)

And my pre-order of Wendy's "Socks from the Toe Up" just arrived too. A good range of patterns with plenty of technique tips to get me moving on toe-up socks. I like the concept, because you can use every last scrap of yarn and not worry about running out before the toe, but in practice I have found myself a bit ham-fisted in the execution.

I think I will use the Dead Simple Lace (Ravelry link) pattern for my Goth Socks yarn!

But where oh where is my copy of Cookie A's new book? Amazon was dragging its feet so much on my so-called "pre-order" that I cancelled in a fit of pique. I re-ordered at the Book Depository - and then they cancelled my order for me because they couldn't get stock (eh?!). I found it at Loop but was too tight-fisted to pay full price plus £4 postage. I eventually tracked it down "low stock" at Waterstones... and got free postage and a discount for having a loyalty card that I had forgotten about - even better! But then I got an email saying they didn't have it after all - but unlike the others, they are "striving" to obtain a copy for me! And since I will be saving £9 on the Loop cost, and £5 on Amazon's I suppose I can wait.
Remember my stash of Hazel Knits Artisan Sock? It's due to be Cookie-fied! ASAP!

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RooKnits said...

Agh. The pains of getting the Cookie A book. I should have bought one for you in Loop when I was there.... I like the new sock yarn, but I am definitely not going to look at that site. I DO NOT need any more sock yarn (or socks for that matter!!)