Sunday, April 26, 2009

FO: Loo Roll cube!

Who would have believed it? I made a storage cube for toilet rolls! My mother still has a knitted crinoline lady atop her cistern, and it makes me cringe every time I visit her.

But the untidiness of a cascading heap of plastic bagginess on our bathroom floor was getting me down.

So I adapted the Anna Maria Horner "Soft Cube" pattern to fit eight Lidl "Recycling" loo rolls. This will also ensure my brand loyalty for what is a cheap and eco-friendly tissue solution!

Of course, I mis-read the instructions and ironed-on the double-sided cardboard-like interfacing to all five liner squares, making them impossible to turn right way out without unsticking - aargh! So it became an unwieldy and over-complicated project. The result, however, is practical if not entirely professional-looking. I have deliberately turned it this way round so you can't see the crumpled corners on the other side!

The fabric is a mix of: Anna Maria Horner "Good Folks" in Cathedral Window; Robert Kaufman "Carnaby Street for Project Runway" in Trees; leftover Liberty Millie; and some fabulous house-print fabric, designer unknown to me, which reminds me of Amsterdam / New York and which I would like more of if I can track it down. I used Fast2Fuse interfacing from Nerybeth Fabrics.

Would I make it again? Yes - but with greater attention to the detail of the instructions!

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tea and cake said...

Perfick! We've kept ours in a basket for years - my mum thought I was being very 'brave' to do something so avant garde!