Monday, April 13, 2009

I would walk (500 miles?)

Every second day, my darling FL goes golfing. He averages 4 miles each time, his clubs on his back. He doesn't use a caddy car, never mind a motorised buggy. So despite 2 collapsed vertebrae (due to the Multiple Myeloma) and the need for an asthma inhaler from time to time, he is a practiced walker.
Me? I drive to work, sit at a desk all day, and have only managed to do my fitness dvd twice this year.
So when I suggetsed we walk to Sandwood Bay, he blinked at me and asked if I was sure.

Sure? Why not? What could the problem be?

I didn't see the sign on the gate that said it was 4 1/2 miles (each way). And somehow I hadn't realised it was a long hard trudge through boggy, rocky, sandy terrain. All I knew was, it was a lovely beach. So lets go!

2 hours of hard walking later, we arrived at the bay. We had passed several families with toddlers in tow. Toddlers on foot. And every time, FL said to the parents that they were very brave. And I wondered why. Oh silly silly me!

The last half hour involved much talk of the chocolate I had left in the car, and the picnic we had neglected to pack. We arrived at the sand dunes and I was too tired to care that it was beautiful. We saw what there was to see, caught our breath, and started back. Uphill. And then it started to rain. Really rain. Those poor poor toddlers!

FL pulled out all his teacherly tricks, pointing out the geology of the rocks, the cloud formations, the botany. Anything to distract me from the business of putting one foot in front of the other. It was a true test of my stamina. In many ways I failed, because by the end I was a mumbling, stumbling wreck. But I didn't complain - not once! (Well, maybe once when I realised we were going to share one Topic bar between us!)
The next day, I could barely walk. Seriously. I spent the day on the sofa knitting, while FL went golfing - golfing?!

But the day after that, we went on a shorter walk to a waterfall near Achfary.
Just the 5 miles this time.

But I have resolved to do something about my lack of fitness. I am almost bleep years his junior, and he is terminally ill, with a fractured spine, and yet he left me standing as he strode off across the hillside with his shambling lopsided gait.
Talk about a wake-up call!


Kate said...

well, good on you, I say, for not complaining. And your blood sugar levels would have been as much an issue as your general fitness, I reckon. Once, after a day-long low-level walk in which, for some reason, our only supplies had been a handful of chocolates left over from a gift box (why?!) I lay down on the path and refused to go any further.

Twelfthknit said...

I had a similar call a year or so ago. Despite much plans to do much walking at weekends it hasn't really happened. So for our 'Christmas present' to ourselves we bought an eliptical trainer. I can't say I enjoy it, but armed with an audio book I am using it regularly. Hopefully it will do some good...

Bryony Ramsden said...

At least you got a bit of a prize when you got back to the car :) You did VERY well to not complain or anything of the like. DB and I went on a big walk (Hebden Bridge to Howarth - about 12 miles) a looong time ago, and I managed the walk in itself alright (the pub in the middle of nowhere helped a lot), but I managed to complain about him taking us the wrong way at the start so that we climbed through midge filled woods making the steepest climb on a path that hadn't been used for years, and I ended up close to tears! Till we got to the pub anyway ;) So in short, yay you!

Penny said...

Well, you got there and back without being carried, so that must count for something. :-)