Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Knitter Issue 5

You may have noticed my conspicuous silence on the subject of "The Knitter" Issues 3 and 4. I really really want this magazine to be worthwhile and to succeed, but the ugliness of some of the projects has left me speechless. Issue 4 redeemed itself with one pattern, which I might actually knit, but I have been feeling quite deflated by the content otherwise.

So when Issue 5 arrived, I opened it with bated breath. I was simultaneously excited and horrified! I cannot believe that one editor can be selecting such mind-bogglingly diverse patterns!

On the one hand, there is a stunning cardigan in Manos Silk Blend. I want it. I must knit it!

But then you get this extraordinary “Breakfast Set” in the most depressing colours I have seen in a long time!

Or a desperate camouflage jumper for a man – why would anyone bother?

And then the mood picks up again with a glorious riot of colour in the “Curve of Pursuit” blanket.

But… it takes 27 balls of yarn at £9 a skein to knit in the “ethical version” alpaca! Do the maths – wow!

A truly ethical option would involve ripping out that hideous camoflage sweater and reusing the yarn... or use odd balls to make a crazy patchwork version – that’s my plan anyway!

I like the stitch pattern on this Rowan Pure Life cotton sweater - but that poor model looks awful in that colour! And "square" is not a "classic shape", it's just plain unflattering.

I won't talk about the pastel cardigan that looks like a bed-jacket - except to say it is made from recycled sugar cane , which is an intriguing thought.

Or the "Morrocan" cover sweater which has more bells and whistles than is strictly necessary. And is beige. Funny that - Morroco being a blaze of colour etc.
Or the fussy cotton dk socks? Nah.

But I rather like this lace cushion.
And the Bird's Nest Shawl reprinted fom the book "Folk Shawls" which I hadn't heard of and now feel inspired to look up on Ravelry. Though why they chose to substitute cashmere with an acrylic blend is another question!
The whole issue is dedicated to ethical knitting and I think that is a laudable concept. There's plenty to read, and plenty to look at. Lots of inspiration.
And I MUST knit that Manos cardigan!
So yes - a good issue!


tea and cake said...

I agree with you wholeheartedly! Some of it it so shite, and the manos cardi is a must for this year, for me too!

blue hands said...

my goodness, that breakfast set is something isn't it? do you think it's ironic??

zombiecazz said...

ooh yuk. that breakfast set is awful. that sweet william thing is just shapeless.
the blanket is cool, but a pure is waste of money.
I would feel robbed if i'd bought it.