Friday, April 24, 2009

New project: Dead Simple Lace Socks

I cast on for my first pattern from Wendy’s book: the Dead Simple Lace socks. They were going to be for my daughter, but seemed large. I checked my gauge and it is fine, (even though I am using 2.5mm rather than 2mm dpns) but when I tried them on they are definitely too wide for me, never mind the girl. Wendy gives an 8 ½ inch unstretched width as “medium”, which is bigger than I am used to. So these will be for FL’s birthday (also in June). He has agreed to ignore me knitting them! The Goth Socks yarn is delicious – very “squooshy” and I really love the stripes, which the lace doesn’t disturb at all. Those little white “stars”? Mmm! And not too lacy for a man either!

They are knitting up so quickly – woo hoo! I learned a new (to me) way to do toe up which is speedy and simple, involving short rows, although I didn’t understand what I was doing until it was complete! I would definitely recommend this book as a compendium of toe-up techniques: the diagrams and written explanations are really clear. Wendy has included a series of “vanilla” patterns for really mad variegated yarns, as well as more interesting lace and cable numbers for plainer colours. I can imagine this becoming my “standard” sock pattern book, despite Wendy’s affection for 2mm needles! The only problem is that my kitchen scales are too unreliable to split a 100g ball evenly for two socks. Despite my best efforts, one ball is definitely bigger than the other – sigh! Oh well – handy to keep the leftovers for darning.

Thanks for all the positive comments about Pioneer. I am really pleased with how it turned out. There were moments when I feared it was going to be too small but I didn’t have a long enough cable to try it on mid-knit. My daughter thought it was for next-door’s baby, and fell about laughing when I said it was for me – so ha ha, the last laugh’s mine now, honey! ; )

Project 13 is almost complete. I ran out of yarn for the bands so have had to order an extra ball of wool when all I need is about 15 yards. Not to worry - I can use the rest for something matching for Christmas. I have had so many supportive comments from fellow-Ravellers / blog-readers that I have stopped stressing about the colour. Thanks for that everyone! Because, really, what’s the worst thing that could happen? I would have to wear it myself? Oh dear, how sad, never mind, eh?! And the boy thinks it’s “cool” – phew! Actually, what he said was “I thought you were going to knit that for ME!” So I have another big project for the queue. His birthday is in January… I foresee black, fluorescent orange and neon green. OMG. I may have to hit the acrylic to get colours he likes!
This weekend I really must cut out my daughter's dress... but I have another little sewing project from Anna Maria Horner's book which I want to get finished first.
Wait and see!


Some Chilean Woman said...

I saw this online and totally wished I had your talents!

Socks may be simple but could turn out so impressive...I'm seriously jealous.

zombiecazz said...

you could always buy some natural yarn and dye it with food colouring or kool aid to get some wild colours