Saturday, April 18, 2009

Spring growth

We returned home last weekend (a week ago already?!) to find that spring had arrived. The larches are in bud and there are daffodils absolutely everywhere – I took a bunch to work to cheer up my office desk, and what a difference it made to my mood!

I hung my tweedy skirts on the washing line for a blow of fresh air before I packed them away for a few months.

And I emptied out the bag of “clothes to grow into” for my daughter to rummage in… only to discover that she had overtaken it while I wasn’t looking! Luckily, none of it had cost much (it was a second-hand ebay bundle) but she was quite disappointed. She went away with two items from my wardrobe which are mysteriously too tight nowadays. She is thrilled with a thin red pullover, because the arms are too long – I suspect she will make thumb-holes at the cuffs for that indie-girl vibe.

I sent her off to go through her own chest of drawers and make a pile of all the things that don’t fit. Gulp. But to be fair, she hasn’t made many demands for clothing over the past few years – unlike so many girls of her age!

I have promised to make her a dress from that 1970’s Betsey Johnson pattern I bought, in black broderie anglaise. That’s my plan this weekend. She doesn’t own a dress, and I expect she will wear this one over her skinny jeans – but that’s OK!

So it's all about clothing the girl right now.

Project 13 awaits its top-most section. And I have been tying myself in knots about it being in the wrong colours - errgh! You can see it over at Ravelry. Is it ugly? I reached the point where I couldn't tell. FL is "dubious" which is always a bad sign! But Roo and Bryony have both given the colours the thumbs up, which is a big confidence booster - hooray! Monday is a local holiday here (I didn't get "Easter Monday" off) so I will be aiming to complete the knitting of this item then. The kids will be at school because they are in the Shire, not the City like me - tee hee hee!

P.S. Have you seen the latest Loumms pattern? The Bo-Peep fingerless gloves? I know someone who will LOVE these! Especially if they were knitted in purple Fyberpates sparkle sock yarn!

Photo credit: loutheperson and erqsome knits

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Bryony Ramsden said...

It WILL be fab :) And you can always steal it back ;)

Also, I want my Cookie A book too :( But there is so much knitting to be done before it arrives, I can hold on a while. Amazon quoted me 17th to the end of the month for dispatch - much different to you?