Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The things that sustained us

It wasn't all endurance and outward-boundiness on holiday!
I sipped the perfect hot chocolate at The Cocoa Mountain in Balnakiel craft village. That's a marshmallow froth and real melted chocolate on top - mmm!

And we ate delicious freshly-caught fish at the Shorehouse in Tarbet. This is the view from the table!

And on our last evening, we had dinner at the Old School in Inshegra. Oh wow! They do B&B too - if you are ever in that part of the world you have to go there!
Despite collapsing their bookshelves in my eagerness to read the old school inspection reports from the 1880's, it was a perfect end to a lovely holiday!
And this was the view as we stepped outside!

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