Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Vintage sewing patterns

I thought the sew-ers amongst you would be interested in a link to an amazing purveyor of reproduction dressmaking patterns from the 1920's to 1950's.

Decades of Style are based in the States, so I am waiting for the exchange rate to improve before I have a spending spree!

But look at these (pictures borrowed from their site - I hope they don't mind!) - oh gosh oh wow! As I have been reading F. Scott Fitzgerald recently, I was particularly taken with these from the 20's and 30's.

This "Bridge Jacket" is probably the one I am most likely to wear. I love the Isadora-esque scarf tie at the back! Hoodies? Who needs them!

And I could definitely fall in love with a cloche hat! I was looking through old family photos the other day and saw my granny in some fantastic cloches. The only modern one I have come across is this one at Etsy - mmmm! Love it! But again the exchange rate is an issue.
My granny is the one on the top left, with my mother sitting at her feet!


Penny said...

Yes, that tie at the back is very cool - the jacket looks quite modern from the front as well.

knancy knits said...

I happened on your blog last night while sitting with my Husband in the hospital.
He has multiple myeloma too.
I was just looking for "knitting in Scotland" as my grandparents were from there & Grandma MacKenzie was a knitter.
I started on Ravelry and somehow your's was the first blog I went to and wow...We spent the rest of the evening reading your blogs.
I sort of skimmed over the knitting stuff and looked for mention of your husband.
I read those bits out loud to my husband and asked "sound familiar"....y'alls personal fight with myeloma sounds so much like ours, with a different setting.
We're in Texas.
I am a chemistry professor, Doug is a master electrician.
He was diagnosed March of 2007.
Had one year of Thalidomid/Dexamethasone, followed by a stem cell transplant, then Revlimid/Dex which made him so sick that we have more bad days than good days.
Current treatment is Velcade/Dex which appears to be reducing the myeloma proteins.
He is now 61.
I have been on leave all this Spring 2009 semester to care for him.
He is on disability.
We go in & out of the hospital, last stay was 38 days, home for 33days, now back in hospital since Monday, March 30th.
His platelets are low, "10"
His hemoglobin in low, so he gets frequent blood transfusions.
His blood pressure is low so he passes out at times.
He is so weak he can't walk, doesn't want to eat, has lost 30 pounds.
I'm sure you are familiar with all this.
I was just so amazed at the personal life touching similarities....your care for him, your love for him, your unerstanding when his mind fails him,your being nurse and medical assistant and house keeper....all the things we do to make life as normal and comfortable for our husbands.
We live in the Dallas Fort Worth area, but in a small town with a semi rural atmosphere, Hickory Creek on Lewisville Lake. We are 8 miles from the hospital & 12 miles from the doctors clinic.
We have a 101 acre country place in a really rural town,Forestburg, Texas where we used to spend every weekend.
Have not been up to the country since before Christmas. We have great neighbors who have thousands of acres who keep an eye on our little piece of dirt for us.
Our in the country we have a lot of wildlife: deer, turkey, quail, bobcats, possums, racoons, wild hogs, snakes, rabbits, coyotes, and many the neighbors cows come visit on occasion.
I would love to receive e-mail from you.
I know you probably mentioned it somewhere in your blog, but where in the northeast Scotland do you live?
We have two Burmese kitties and no kids.
Hope to becocme blog/e-mail friends.
Nancy Graff aka KnaughtyKnancy on Ravelry

two hippos said...

What a great web site, I'm going to have a quick look there. Love your old photo, the cloche hat was a fabulous look