Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Cookie 15, Arsenal Nil

Picture the scene: FL and I are sitting on the sofa. I am knitting, he is watching Man Utd v. Arsenal (football match) on the TV, with the sound turned off so as not to disturb everyone else.

FL: Cheese-oh!"

long pause

FL: Oh! Oh wow! That's incredible! Cheese-oh!

Me: (not really listening) Mmmm hmm?
FL: Will you look at that? Have you ever seen anything like it?

(I look at the TV. Nothing of note seems to be happening. If I am not mistaken, it is possibly even half-time.)
Me: What am I looking at?

FL: This! This sock! (Stabbing the book on his lap with his finger) Have you ever seen anything like it? I mean how did she think of that? What kind of mind comes up with something like that? Cheese-oh!
(Flicks a few pages)
I mean, look at this one - it's practically a sculpture!

(I look hard. OMG. FL is reading the new Cookie A book "Sock Innovation"!)

Me: Where did that come from?

FL: Mmm? Oh, it came in the post for you today and I've never seen anything like it!
(Turns a few more pages)
Are you telling me you can knit that? (Points at Bex)

Me: (cautiously) Um... possibly...?
FL: (chuckling) Oh don't worry, I wasn't meaning you should knit it for me! But I like this one! (He points at Rick)

(Shout from stage left, my daughter on the chair): Goal!!!!

FL: (startled) Eh?!

Daughter: They scored. You missed it. You missed a goal because you were reading a sock book!
Me: Heh heh heh!

FL: Cheese-oh!


blue hands said...


Some Chilean Woman said...

I might add "cheese-oh" to my daily vocabulary.

RooKnits said...

You have just made me laugh out loud in a very quiet office and now I have to explain myself. Well done Al! Ooops. Cookie says that Rick is a fun knit and is quite easy btw :o) Not that I'm name dropping or anything. And yes, you can knit Bex - you might just need some colouring pencils to colour code the chart ;o)