Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Fitness - or not!

I think FL is OK (see yesterday's post if you don't know what I am talking about!).

He is managing to get in and out of his chair, to drive and to do the washing-up: what more could I ask!?!

But golf is definitely off the menu for a while. The pile of Ancient History tomes on the kitchen table is growing, so he must have managed to get upstairs to the boxroom to retrieve them. The fridge is under a great deal of strain this week as my son is also at home on "study leave" for his Highers. They can look after each other!

Breathe again, Roobeedoo, it's going to be OK.

Meantime, I am trying to get fit. Don't laugh, but I have bought a couple of dance fitness dvds: Clubland Workout and Dancefloor Workout Vol. One. My daughter's lip curled as she hissed "Beats!", because apparently Clubland is a by-word for nnst-nnst-nnst music and is the sign of a "Ned". Are you following me?! Well, whatever else, it is extremely energetic and involves a great deal of silver bra-fringe-tossing. My daughter informs me that this movement is called a "jazz pop" and I am rubbish at it. Sigh. The Dancefloor dvd starts off with a very user-friendly warm-up and then it's full-on fleet-footed choreography. However, it is very repetitive and I think I had the moves worked out by the end of the first 20-minute session. You can work your way up to an hour...! But I am not put off. It was fun and I felt like I had done some exercise, without needing crutches the next day.

Maybe FL would like to join in...?!

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tea and cake said...

Glad to hear FL is okay-ish, and being looked after by your son. Is he going to be a nurse or doctor, by any chance?!
And, good to hear you are keeping fit and busy with the socks. Keep at it!