Friday, May 29, 2009

New project: Ishbel

Everybody and their aunts have been knitting Ishbel. I resisted for a long time, on the principle that I had just knitted Simple Yet Effective and didn’t need to buy another easy shawl pattern, did I? No, not really. And then I cracked. About the time that Roo put her Ishbel into her blog header, so lets blame her!

The HipKnits yarn is from the depths of the stash. In my memory it was dark steel grey with flashes of midnight blue... and it was cashmere. In reality, it is light silver birch with flashes of green and mushroom. And it is bfl sock. How did this happen? Is it the same skein?! In certain lights I enjoy the subtlety of the colour, but mostly it is a bit drab.
That, and the apparently endless stockinette, were not making this a very happy project... until I reached the lace! Much more fun - and it grows faster too! I save this project for the last hour of the evening when I just can’t knit another row of 2mm sock because my hand has assumed a claw-like position and aches like crazy – oops!

So while progress was slow at first, I am now speeding along. I don’t know what I am going to do with the finished object. I think I might give it to my aunt, who wears these colours all the time. I’ve missed her birthday but there’s always Christmas!

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RooKnits said...

Hee hee. I am a bad influence. Ishbel is now my train knitting. I am knitting them as bridesmaid presents.. the one at the moment is in Jade green. I've just started the lace... and it is addictive so I'm off to find a sunny place at lunchtime to knit more.
I love the colours of yours...