Sunday, May 03, 2009

This weekend

Much progress on the Dead Simple Lace socks for FL's birthday. I finished sock one during the week and have turned the heel on the second - hopefully this Bank Holiday weekend will allow me the time to finish the pair.
That short-row heel is not my favourite - I can never see the "wraps" and get confused about when to pick up and turn. However, they appear to be sock-shaped and I like the way the striping worked out.
My next "Dead Poets Club" yarn is on its way so I need to get these finished soon!
Remember the wool the mice nibbled? Well, I decided it was time to wash it and see what could be done with it. I am hoping to knit my son a pair of Wendy's "Trilobite" socks. That sludgey green and their infestation history seem well-matched to a bug pattern!
I am also sewing but have over-complicated things as usual....!


Janey said...

Like you I'm really rooting for The Knitter to be good as we need something for those of us who've been knjtting a while and don't want any more free needles!! I liked the first few issues but have been disappointed with last one I saw, I know taste is objective but they have used some dreary old colours!!

Hey ho I guess its a case of you can't please all of the people...etc!

zombiecazz said...

Love the sock. I'm not a huge blue fan, but the dark blue and black look really cool. I need more stripey socks in my life.