Saturday, June 13, 2009

13 today!

The girl is 13 today – happy birthday N!

As you read this I will be finishing off Project 13, which I think I can now safely reveal, as my daughter is spending the weekend with her father and brother in London and has better things to do than look at my blog!

Project 13: the Secret Staccato!

Both kids showed more than a passing interest in Kirsten’s stripey hoodie design when I showed them her cool teenagers sporting theirs on the Through The Loops blog. My daughter agreed the colours with me, but I don’t think she realised I had gone ahead and ordered the yarn (from Knitting4Fun).

My holiday to Scourie in April provided ideal uninterrupted knitting time and I surprised myself by completing the bulk of the knitting during that one week away. Sewing in the ends has been another issue altogether!

So this weekend I am weaving in the last few (dozen!) ends, knitting the front bands (which go right round the edge of the hood) and sewing on the zip.
She comes home on Sunday evening – watch this space for modelled shots!


RooKnits said...

I can hardly wait!

tea and cake said...

What a busy birthday week in your home, this week!
Can't wait to see the piccies, and another Big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Jr Roobeedoo!