Saturday, June 06, 2009

A dress for a teenager

This weekend I am sewing my daughter’s dress. You’ve heard that before, but this time it is true!

I had to buy more material when the skirt turned out to be wider than expected.
Ironically, I might be shortening it by about a foot so that the girl can wear it over her skinny jeans, so there was plenty of material first time around.

Then I had to grade the pattern down a couple of bust sizes when I realised that it would have fitted me after all!
Then my daughter vetoed the width of the sleeves, so I had to re-draft them too. I am not sure how much of this dress could be said to be Betsey Johnson’s design anymore!

However, this much is true: it is black, it has a high waist, a wide skirt, a scoop neck, buttoned front and gathered short sleeves. Watch this space!

1 comment:

ambermoggie said...

That will make it unique with your amendments:) Will enjoy seeing how it finishes up