Wednesday, June 17, 2009

FO: Ishbel

So, here we have her: the ubiquitous Ishbel. Like so many others, I opted for the small stocking stitch inner section with the large lace edging, using almost all of my skein of HipKnits bfl sock and 4mm Denise circular needles.

Verdict? There are so many beautiful Ishbels out on the web that I wanted to be part of the craze. But mine is just a bit… ordinary. My initial thought was to make something very Scottish – inspired by stormy skies, mist over heather, the three witches hunched over their cauldron…!

But the yarn I pulled from the stash was not what I remembered and I held onto that sense of disappointment throughout this project. I would have preferred to use something more exciting - either in terms of texture or colour or both.
I didn’t enjoy knitting the stocking stitch section, but the lace was a lot more fun. Once I got to the lace, it kept me knitting way past bed-time on a regular basis!

So would I knit it again? Yes! But definitely in a more inspiring yarn – maybe a bamboo or silk mix? This Ishbel is destined to become my aunt’s Christmas present and I know she will appreciate its subtleties, so all is well!


RooKnits said...

I think it is beautiful...

ambermoggie said...

It is fabulous and does capture stormy drecht days:)

zombiecazz said...

your ishbel is gorgeous I love the subtle colour.