Sunday, June 07, 2009

In the garden

So much of my time has been spent weeding recently! I am trying to keep the Herb Garden under control because the middle neighbour's house is up for sale and the first thing viewers see as they approach the front door is my garden.

I took my daughter to Monymusk Walled Garden last Sunday and was thoroughly inspired by the density of the planting and the mixture of herbs and bedding plants.. and even a few weeds! I didn't take any pictures - tsk!

We had a picnic and I bought a few more plants from their shop.

Back home, and at last I am beginning to see the results of all my work! But I need everything to grow and fill the spaces where the weeds used to be. There is just too much bare grey earth!
I also dug over the veg garden and planted out all my baby plants: a selection of culinary herbs, broccolli, chopsuey greens, watercress, artichokes. I watered them daily for a week. And then I went out this morning and they were GONE! Every last plant was razed to the ground. There is just a slight green stubble where they used to be. We don't know what did it. There are plenty of candidates: deer, rabbits, mice, rats, pigeons, owls - all possible!

I love living in the country!


emmms said...

That stinks! Man, I totally feel for you, I'd be so distraught if my garden suddenly disappeared like that. If you need any seeds for late planting, let me or Lou know -- we've a shockingly huge stash!

blue hands said...

aargh! It's galling when wildlife benefit from your hard work and eat your lovingly tended greens.

RooKnits said...