Monday, June 29, 2009

Metropole in a sidewind: first quarter

My first issue is a stupid one: I only have one small circular needle and it is 2.75mm and is probably giving me too loose a gauge. This matters on the leg and I suspect I am going to be making slouchy socks. However, my daughter is a dancer and might like the legwarmer look...?
This is a quarter of a sock. You are looking at it side-on with the foot along the bottom, the heel turn and the lacey leg.

This is half a heel. The toe shaping comes in the next installment.
And here is the leg. Note how open the lace is - you wouldn't know there were "yarn overs" in Stephanie's version in the book! But I assure you they are meant to be there. That's why I have a sinking feeling about my gauge!

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tea and cake said...

ooh, crikey - this looks waaay over my head! Good Luck!