Sunday, June 28, 2009

New Project: Metropole in a Sidewind

(Image from "Socken Aus Aller Welt" by Stephanie Van Der Linden)

I am still knitting the Trilobite socks, (I am on sock two) but the urge to start something from my Stephanie Van Der Linden book was too strong to resist!

I love the look of “Metropole der Mode”, but almost everyone on Ravelry who knitted it has had problems with fit. So I decided to use the basic formula from the Sidewinder sock pattern and “plug in” the stitch pattern from Metropole. People seem to find the Sidewinder the best-fitting sideways-knitted sock and the instructions are very clear.

I was utterly baffled by the original Metropole pattern. Obviously it would help if I understood German, but adding this to an unfamiliar structure was a recipe for disaster! The designer answered my query on Ravelry regarding the sock’s basic anatomy, where did the knitting begin?:

“Neither at the front nor at the back - it begins at the side. First you knit across the instep, then increase for the heel side , knit a part plain for the heel, decrease for the heel side and the sew both ends together. + toe in rounds + ribbing in rounds”

And although that makes sense on paper (I think!) it didn’t make sense when I tried to fathom it in an unfamiliar language. I got as far as : provisional cast on with a circular needle, work 40 rows of pattern… and then realised that this didn’t match Stephanie’s description because I would have knitted half a sock without any shaping. There is probably a phrase like “And at the same time….” hidden in there!

My plug-in approach is working so far. I am using one of my last balls of On-Linie Sport Color sock yarn. It self-stripes in purple, turquoise, green, red and yellow! Both kids are trying to claim it as their own, so I said I would see how the size works out before I make a decision. At the moment I am aiming for a ladies UK size 5 or so with a wide foot - which would suit my daughter. And the leg pattern is way more lacey than the pictures in the book suggest, so I think this is a girl-sock!

Progress shots will follow!

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