Thursday, June 18, 2009

New project: Scroll Lace Shawl(-ette)

Sometimes the best projects are the ones that take you by surprise and knock all the careful planning aside in their wake.

This is certainly what has happened to me this week! I had no sooner seen Ysolda’s post about a new shawl-ette pattern in the latest Yarn Forward (Issue 15) than I had to track down a copy (online) and cast on within hours of its arrival!

The yarn choice was inevitable. The pattern calls for sportweight, and I have been nurturing a couple of skeins of PigeonroofStudios Sportweight yarn for far too long now. There have been two attempts to use it: fingerless gloves for my daughter (too tight) and socks for me (when the yarn inexplicably pooled and splotched). But this time I know I have got it right! The colourway is “Nightshade”and it is handpainted in the literal sense of the term – you can almost see each touch of the artist’s brush! I am not exaggerating – the colours are so confidently daubed across the yarn, fading into each other at times and deeply saturated elsewhere, yet always showing off the texture of the firmly-twisted wool. I love it!

I don’t know why Yarn Forward suggests aran-weight yarn as a suitable substitution, as double-knitting would be far more suitable. The only one on Ravelry with a photo so far uses cashmerino aran and it looks so much heavier – nice enough as a winter scarf but nothing like the light breezy summer shawl pictured in the magazine.

I knitted ten repeats of the lace last night and I predict at least another ten tonight. We could be looking at a finished object by the weekend! And I don’t see this new obsession ending there…!


RooKnits said...

Oh my word. You are going to make me cast on aren't you?

ambermoggie said...

can't wait to see it:) Haven't seen yarn forward since it first went monthly