Friday, June 19, 2009

This weekend...

This weekend I will be knitting my Scroll Lace shawl(-ette)! The lace edging is knitted "sideways" using rows of only 12-15 stitches, so each row is quick, and I probably spend more time drawing my 5-bar gates to keep count than I do actually knitting!

I am already planning my next one which will be for my mother’s Christmas. She is 84 years old and a very conservative dresser, but used to be voracious knitter herself. She never ceases to tell me that hand-knits are “old-fashioned” and is baffled by the idea of knit-blogs! Nevertheless, I know that if I am giving my aunt (her sister) Ishbel for Christmas, she will feel slighted if she does not get something from my needles! The original colour of the Scroll Lace shawl in “Yarn Forward” is deeply mother-friendly, so I have ordered a skein from Old Maiden Aunt. Sorted!
I am also going to finish the annual Great Weed of the herb garden. I am distressed to report that the rabbits have hacked in through my supposedly-high-security fence and made a start on munching anything fresh and green… or pink… or purple. I am livid, as you can imagine! FL has taken to getting up at 5am, standing on a pile of books on the window-ledge and whistling out of the window at them. He reckons whistling won’t disturb the neighbours but will scare the rabbits. OMG. I am just waiting for one of our early-rising oil-worker neighbours to spot him hanging there in his dressing-gown…! Or for him to slip… but lets not even think about that!

In sewing news… I need to make more trousers for work. It is June and I am still wearing the grey wool ones I made in the winter! I finally found new shoes to wear to work with trousers after a seemingly impossible quest: not completely flat, black, wide enough to allow the wearing of hand-knitted socks, and a little bit funky. Since I have nothing else to show you, I will leave you with a picture of my new shoes!
(Oxygen, from Ebay, footbed style).
Have a good weekend everyone!


RooKnits said...

Nice shoes. Sorry about the rabbits.

tea and cake said...

You sound very 'up' and chirpy! Have a great weekend - and you could always shoot the rabbits and eat them!

Susie Hemingway said...

Oh! I love your shoes... just perfect and so like the type I wear in the day, these are really very nice indeed. All around me at this time of the year I can hear 'crack' of 'fake guns' whilst hoping to keep the very precious veggies growing and free from the munching of the rabbits - ( of course they go in the pot too for some )
I wish your husband well with his efforts to deter them and hope all is going well for him. Best Wishes.