Monday, June 22, 2009

Where did the weekend go?

Rather more time than planned was spent trying to find school shoes, skirt and blouse for my daughter who is singing in a school concert and therefore has to be more “uniform” than usual. We still haven’t got shoes and she is not impressed by me telling her to stand at the back (as the shortest kid in the choir, that just isn’t going to work!)

Then there was the herb garden weeding… still not finished! Would you believe it was too hot to carry on? So I moved down to my empty shaded veg patch and filled it with the last herb seedlings from my windowsill and some very ambitious baby tomato plants. If they grow it will be a miracle, but it was definitely too dark in the house, so this is their best chance. FL has reinforced and heightened the fence so we are hoping the rabbits can’t get in.

And knitting? Oh yes – knitting! I am so very very nearly finished the Ysolda Scroll Lace shawl – if anyone is looking for a fast but lovely shawl pattern this is the one to try! I had a stupid moment on Friday night when I misunderstood the instructions and emailed another knitter and Ysolda herself via Ravelry to query the number of pick-up stitches – not realising that “every slipped stitch” actually meant every second stitch – duh! Both sent me very speedy and helpful replies – hooray for Ravelry! Once I recovered from this, it was just a case of finding the time to knit. I have about 10 rows left to do, plus the picot cast-off… and a tiny ball of wool. I have a vague memory of losing some yardage ripping back an earlier project with this yarn. I am really regretting it now! If I get stuck, I might have to cast off early, which I feel would lose the integrity of the pattern, or I could possibly use leftover Knittery cashmere / merino sock which is a very similar purple and only slightly thinner. Hmmm. Fingers crossed, I should finish tonight!

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RooKnits said...

Wow, that is speedy! I also woke up this morning wondering where the weekend had gone. I couldn't believe it was Monday already.